Want more Time, Clients, & Money?

Who doesn't, right?


A Social Media Makeover is designed to give you the chance to get all of that by transforming how you do social media marketing.



Save time by using templates.
Get more clients by getting visible and consistent online.
Get more money by elevating your brand with beautiful, on-brand graphics. 

What's included

1hr Strategy Call

We'll figure out your goals for social media marketing, discuss your target audience, and how your brand and marketing strategy plays into that. Every one of your included designs will be based on this strategy.

Your Logo Optimized

Increase your brand recognition by using your logo as your profile picture on social media accounts. I'll make sure your logo is optimized for each platform you use so that it's clear, crisp, and beautiful!

2 Header Designs

Social media headers are your social media account's welcome page. Branded headers targeted at converting visitors will make your profile professional and effective. 

5 Reuseable Graphic Templates

Create months of consistently on-brand content with branded reuseable graphics. With these, you'll be able to create a month's worth of social media graphics in an hour! On top of that, consistently posting on social media will help grow your following and build brand recognition. And you know I'll make the templates beautiful, which will up your brand's value, allowing you to charge more. Seriously, using professionally designed templates will change your social media marketing.


You make your first payment and schedule our strategy call.

We Skype and figure out your social media strategy. 1 hour.
This includes your nailing down your target audience, platform you'll use, and five content types to create templates for.

We create an inspiration board. 3 days.*
Pinterest is a great tool to make sure designer and client are on the same board when it comes to visual direction. We'll pin lots of inspiring graphics from Pinterest, then narrow it down to 15-20 images with a cohesive feel to use as a springboard for design.

I format your logo. 1 day.
Different social media platforms have different specifications for profile pictures; I'll make sure you have your logos in all the files you need for your desired platforms.

I design your headers. 3 days.
I'll design two headers for the accounts of your choice. You'll get a chance to review the design and request any edits you may want.

I design your templates. 5 days.
I'll design a template for each of the five content types specified in your social media strategy. You'll be allowed two rounds of revisions to get your templates just right.

I send over your files. Your logo and headers will be sent as either pngs or jpegs (depending on the platform) and templates will be sent as .psds or .ais, depending on which you requested at the beginning of the project.

I teach you to use your templates. 20 minutes.
Using Skype's screenshare, I'll walk you through using your templates to create month's worth of content and answer any questions you may have.

You kill it on social media with your new strategic social media marketing.

*times listed are estimated completion time in business days

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