Lay groundwork for growth and
boost your professionalism


A strategic visual brand boosts your confidence while also boosting the perceived value of your products and services. 

Have you heard the phrase, "dress for the job you want, not the job you have"? The same is true of your business. You should dress your business for the clients, income, and lifestyle you want.

That's what Wearable Brand Design is for. It gives you the foundation and the strategy to build a business that looks as professional as your work is, and draws in the right people at the same time.


What's included

1hr Strategy Call

We'll figure out your brand's foundation and your goals for the future, discuss your target audience, and figure out how your brand strategy can help you reach the right people effectively.


We'll collaborate through Pinterest to create a mood board that accurately represent the brand strategy we've established. This will be the launching board for the brand design, and the final moodboard graphic is great to share on social media to preview your coming brand design!

Logo Design

The cornerstone of a great brand is the logo. You'll be presented with 2-3 logo options based on your strategy and moodboard, and we'll refine it through two rounds of edits to make it perfectly represent your business.

Sub/Alternate Logo

Depending on the design of your main logo, you may need a sublogo for when using your main logo is inconveniant. Some possible sublogo variations: one color version, icon version, square version.

Font Selection

Two to three fonts will be selected to communicate your brand values and to create consistency and recognition in your graphics.

Color Palette

5-7 colors selected with Hex, RGB, and CMYK values. Color is one of the best ways to evoke a certain mood for your business. Keeping your colors limited consistent allows you to control the emotional quality of your brand.

Stock Photo Library (10)

10 high-quality stock photos chosen that reflect your brand values and aesthetic. This library will help you create simple, beautiful, on-brand graphics when needed and act as a guide if you need to purchase more photography in the future.

Brand Guide

All of the previous design assets compiled into an easy to navigate document that guides you in how to use each logo, font, color and photo. This guide will be the roadmap for future graphics and design projects and ensure that no matter what designer you work with in the future, your brand stays consistent and effective.


You make your first payment and schedule our strategy call.

We Skype and work through your brand strategy. 1 hour.
This includes your nailing down your target audience, mood, unique selling point and marketing strategy.

We create an inspiration board. 3 days.*
Pinterest is a great tool to make sure designer and client are on the same board when it comes to visual direction. We'll pin lots of inspiring graphics from Pinterest, then narrow it down to 15-20 images with a cohesive feel to use as a springboard for your brand.

I design your moodboard. 1 day.
Your moodboard is a great graphic for quick reference and for sharing with your audience to preview your coming brand design.

I design 2-3 logo options. 5 days.
We'll discuss the options and what is working or needs work. Two rounds of revisions are included so we can make sure you are completely in love with your logo and that it accurately reflects your brand strategy.

I design 2-3 sublogo options. 3 days.
Choose the one you love the most. You'll be allowed one round of revisions if needed.

I present color palette and font selections. 2 days.
I'll present a color palette and font selection that will be easy to use, works well with your logo, and effectively builds your brand mood. You'll be allowed one round of revisions if needed.

I present 20 stock photography options. 3 days.
I'll gather 20 suggested stock photograph options for you to choose 10 from. With the 20 presented photos, each will get a short description on what kind of graphic the selected photo will be useful for, and what brand moods it reflects.

I create your brand guide. 5 days.
Your brand guide is a cohesive, beautiful document you can use to maintain the clarity of your new brand design.

I send over your files. 1 day.
Your logo and sublogo will be sent as png, jpeg, and eps files. Your stock photography will be sent as high-quality jpeg files. Links to download your fonts will be sent as well.

We have a wrap-up call. 20 minutes.
We'll Skype, talk about how to use your files, and I'll answer any final questions you may have.

*times listed are estimated completion time in business days


Ready to take your business to the next level, attract better clients, and make more money?


If you're not ready to commit quite yet, schedule a free consultation call and we can talk about your goals and if a Wearable Brand Design is right for your business.