You're tired of your visual brand because...

You're tired of feeling lost in the crowd.

You're tired of feeling like your visual brand doesn't accurately reflect who you are.

You're tired of looking like everyone else.

You're tired of scratching your head over branding, and how to make it work for your business.




You're ready for a noteworthy visual brand because...

You're ready to attract the right people, and give higher client satisfaction because you're perfectly suited to solve their problems.

You're ready to bring in more income with less work and spend more time doing what you do best.

You're ready to raise your prices and have people knocking down your door to work with you.

You're ready to do less marketing and still have a higher impact.

You're ready to save time and money.




Who am I?

I'm Sierra Kellermeyer, brand designer who helps passion-driven business owners effortlessly stand out online with a Noteworthy Visual Brand.

Nothing makes me happier than designing a visual brand that my clients love, and that helps them reach that next level in their business.


What makes a visual brand noteworthy?

A noteworthy visual brand stands out in a crowd.

A noteworthy visual brand is as unique as you are.

A noteworthy visual brand is easy to implement.

A noteworthy visual brand is flexible and adapts as your business grows.

A noteworthy visual brand boosts your confidence.

A noteworthy visual brand gives you the freedom to focus on other things because your visual brand is more effective at bringing in paying clients than ever before.





  • Brand Personality
  • Inspiration board
  • Logo
  • Font Pairing
  • Color Palette


  • Get-To-Know-You Chat
  • Client Exercises / Brand Personality Workbook
  • Brand Personality Meeting - Discuss Workbook Discoveries
  • Present Three Visual Brand Options
  • Optional Round of Revisions
  • Done
(or $229/mo for 4 months)


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After you’ve gotten your starter kit, you can receive additional design support to expand, implement, and manage your new visual brand.